Hazzah App
The Hazzah app for iPad and iPhone was to be a digital representation of a Dungeons and Dragons RPG table top game call Pathfinder. I've never been exposed to these types of games, in fact, I felt that I wasn't the type of person that could really get into this, but after a few sessions, I really enjoyed the imagination and camaraderie that this game requires.

This project was a collaboration with the firm that I worked with at the time and another design firm. Our firm was in charge of the development and some design (3d and graphic elements). The other firm was in charge and UI/UX and some design elements. I created 3d and graphic elements for the game. We struggled with this at the beginning. It was tough to realize this type of game into a 3d/app space. We had to figure out a way to allow players to create maps with 3d elements and how to actually play a game that is meant to be played on a table. Needless to say, I spent a lot of late nights in the office. However, it was worth it, because the finished product was something that I could be proud of to say that I worked on.

Hazzah iPad Pathfinder Game 1
Hazzah iPad Pathfinder Game 2
Hazzah iPad Pathfinder Game 3
Hazzah iPad Pathfinder Game 4
Hazzah iPad Pathfinder Game 5