About me

About me
Hi, I'm Ernest Reese a graphic, 3d and motion designer based in Miami, FL and Paris, FR. I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Animation from Miami International University and have worked in graphic design and 3d ever since then.

I'm passionate about all types of design including web, app, print, 3d and motion. I'm also well versed in UI/UX design, production and hospitality. On a more personal note, I love to cook. I've spent the last year traveling in Europe increasing my palate and experimenting with new cooking techniques. I've used my experience in design to create some amazing and beautiful dishes. I love seeing the faces of my clients and friends when I create something that speaks to their soul or their stomachs.

I'm currently looking for freelance and temporary opportunities. I'm prepared to take on any new challenges that come my way.

"I like to make #@%! beautiful!"
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If you want to contact me for work or just say hello, please hit me up. I look forward to your message!

Email me at ernest@pardonmypixels.com

Call me at +1 912.596.2147

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